A Single Season of High School Football Causes Changes in the Teenage Brain

It is important to be well informed about brain development in children.  Here is an article about the impact of hits to the head during high school football can cause changes in the teenage brain. “It is becoming pretty clear that repetitive impacts to the head, even over a short period of time, can cause […]

How Dealing with Past Trauma May Be the Key to Breaking Addiction

Gabor Maté speaks with Joanna Moorhead for The Guardian. “With rising inequality and all the other problems there are right now,” he says, “people are having to question how they live their lives. People in Britain are beginning to realise they paid a huge price internally for all those suppressed emotions.” Part of that price was […]

Relationships – How to Stop Having the Same Fights

“Esther Perel is a sex and relationships therapist, the best-selling author of Mating in Captivity, and a consultant for the hit Showtime series The Affair. Her TED Talks on desire and infidelity have been viewed more than 14 million times.” Link to Full Article in Cosmopolitan *TED Talks with Esther Perel Rethinking Infidelity The Secret […]

Meditation and Young Brains

The benefits of meditation on the brain and health is recognized by researches across the globe.  See the below article on how you can have a younger brain. Neuroscience Reveals that 50-year-Olds Can Have the Brains of 25-Year-Olds If They Do This 1 Thing

Inside the Ayahuasca Experience: Gabor Maté on When Shamanism Meets Psychotherapy

There is new research exploring the use of Ayahuasca to support psychotherapy.  Gabor Maté is a medical doctor in Canada has worked in the field of addiction for years.  He travels the world speaking about addiction and trauma and is a best-seeing author.  To read the full article, please type the link below. Inside the […]

Four Myths We Used to Believe About the Effects of Childhood Trauma

Every day were are learning more and more about how childhood trauma influences our minds, bodies, and life paths.  The good news is that we do know that with help, childhood trauma can be reversed.  This article explores four myths about childhood trauma. Myth 1: Childhood PTSD is a psychological wound It is neurological and can be […]

Inside a Bully’s Brain

Why do we bully and what leads some kids and adults to bully while others do not?  This new research takes a look a bully’s behavior and the brain. “A significant amount of research has focused on the roles of family and peer networks on aggressive behaviour. This study, together with other recently published findings, […]

Link Between Adolescent Pot Smoking and Psychosis

Is there a link between pot smoking and psychosis in adolescents?  Now that marijuana is legal, researchers have the opportunity to study the short and long-terms impacts on the brain.  The article states, “Marijuana’s potentially detrimental impact on the developing brains of adolescents remains a key focus of research—particularly because of the possibility teenage users could […]

The Power of Stress on the Body

Yes, Stress Really Can Cause Disease. But Don’t Stress. You Can Do Something About it! By Lesley Mcclure “Have you ever envied a friend who looks 20 years younger than their age? How do they do it?  The secret could lie in their telomeres, the tiny caps on the ends of their chromosomes—kind of like the plastic wraps at […]

Who We Are When We Are Not Addicted: The Possible Human – Gabor Maté

Who We Are When We Are Not Addicted: The Possible Human Gabor Maté World renowned physician Gabor Maté offers a perspective on drug addiction and a culture that has created the need to escape.  Dr. Gabor Maté gives us clues as to who we are when we are not addicted. LINK TO VIDEO *Filmed January 9th, […]