Ellen Lacter, PhD – Ritual Abuse & Dissociation

Ellen P. Lacter, PhD specializes in ritualistic abuse. I wanted to share some of the resources she provides on her website.

End Ritual Abuse

She has written some great articles and included resources on her website. Here is a list and links to some of her recent articles:

Helping Survivors Who Have Been Coerced to Harm Others

Sexual Responses to Sexual Assault

Drawn Swords: My Victory Over Childhood Ritual Abuse, by Jeanne Adams, ritual abuse survivor and activist

For Those Who Condemn Themselves for Acts Coerced Under Torture

Check out resources she includes on her website:

Web Resources: Ritual Abuse & Mind Control

Web Resources: Abuse, Trauma, & Dissociation

A Selection of Books on Dissociative Identity Disorder and on Ritual Abuse