I have worked closely with Ashley in various setting for the past many years. Ashley is a dedicated and smart therapist who works hard to meet her clients where they are along their path to health and meaning in their lives. She has a breath of experience and knowledge, which she combines in a grounded, holistic approach. Ashley strives to make deep and honest contact both within herself and with each client.  P.S.S.

Ashley has an enormous capacity for contribution as evidenced by her outstanding work with young people. She began her life-long vocation as a healer at the age of 4, making rounds with her pediatrician mother. She was aware of sensing the young patients’ physical and emotional pain in her own body and was committed to discovering a path to help them heal. Since then she has mastered her own boundaries but has continued to develop her intuitive gifts. She has a unique ability to foster self-study and assist others in identifying and celebrating their strengths and choices. She appears to be highly integrated in body, mind, and spirit and is delighted in assisting others in finding such wholeness within themselves. The strength of the human spirit to overcome all obstacles is her highest value. N.H.

Ashley is an amazing clairvoyant & healer. I recently called her for a reading regarding some very old stuck energy that I could not see my way out of. In a brief phone conversation, Ashley not only saw what the energy really was, she was able to help me identify the unhealthy patterns I had been stuck in so that I could begin to heal myself. The communication I received from Ashley was clear & compassionate. She spoke to me in a way that I could really hear. I respect her direct approach and even though I was working through something painful, I knew without a doubt that I was in a safe space with her. She is a gifted healer and an amazing person.  K.C.

Ashley Davis is a rare resource.  She is skilled in two related but distinct areas of expertise; as a psychotherapist and as an intuitive.  Ashley is a talented and experienced professional in both arenas.  She deeply understands people, isn’t thrown by the ‘tough stuff’, and provides invaluable guidance for her clients. While these fields sometimes overlap, they each also offer unique breakthrough potential for a client’s growth, and it’s very unusual to find one practitioner who, like Ashley, is equally experienced and comfortable in both contexts. I happily recommend her capabilities regularly to clients and friends.  D.F.

I have been seeing Ashley for many years for her intuitive work. She is a gifted and compassionate healer who has a crystal clear ability to see the deep blocks and patterns that are in my way, communicate what she see with humor and neutrality, and help me shift from being stuck to a light feeling of freedom easily. I always leave our sessions feeling more deeply in touch with myself and my own answers, knowing clearly what steps I need to take and feeling it is completely possible. I love her work!  K.J.S

I love my sessions with Ashley!  She has the ability to find that piece I couldn’t name yet, that itch that needs so desperately to be scratched – and can speak to it with clarity and neutrality in a way that makes shifting easy.  Her no nonsense approach is easy to hear, and she gives practical tips to take in order to move forward with ease.  B.L.