Trans Awareness Week

It was Trans Awareness Week this past week! I have included a number of local and national and resources. Please click the links below for more information. Local Resources Pride Center of Vermont OutRight Vermont UVM Prism Center Prism Center UVM Transgender Resources UVM – Transgender Resources Planned Parenthood – Vermont Planned Parenthood Vermont […]

Raised On Porn – Documentary

I wanted to share this documentary that I came across this fall and wanted to share. The documentary is called Raised on Porn: The New Sex ED and was produced in September. I appreciate the discussion about dopamine and the mechanisms of access, exposure and addiction. All children and/or young adults will be exposed to porn […]

Does Parenthood Squash Romance?

Esther Perel is a therapist that specializes in couples work, specifically infidelity. I came across this article in the Psychotherapy Networker I wanted to share about parenthood and romance. She is amazing and I have posted about her books and TED Talks previously. She wrote and article called When Three Threatens Two: Must Parenthood Bring Down […]

Is It Mental Illness or Adaptation?

I came across an article in Forbes by Alison Escalante titled Researchers Doubt That Certain Mental Disorders Are Disorders At All based on a paper by biological anthropologists.  I so appreciate the conversation and the points that were brought up. I find that half of what I do while working with clients is validating their […]

Rape and Memory

Please take a moment and read this article from NPR by Sammy Caiola. I think it does a good job of explaining how the brain has a sympathetic response when met with a threat or crisis. It is important when someone goes through a traumatic event, that people around them understand the impact on the […]

Sex Education and Teens

Parents often ask me how to navigate educating kids about sex, intimacy, and consent. I thought I would share this podcast as something to listen to for support. They also include a great list of resources at the bottom of the write up on their website. I have concluded some of them below. Here are […]

Abusive Relationships – How to Support Your Loved One

I wanted to share this podcast discussing how to support a loved one that is in an abusive relationship.   They outline the following ways to support another:  1. Abuse is not just physical 2. Don’t judge 3. Stay in touch 4. Let the person keep their power 5. Ask: What do you need… 6. […]

Trauma and Recovery – Judith Herman, MD

Add this book to your list – Trauma and Recovery: The aftermath of violence – from domestic abuse to political terror by Judith Herman, MD. Here are a few quotes from her book and I highly suggest you read this to understand trauma and the healing process. “…repeated trauma in childhood forms and deforms the […]

Healing Grief – James Van Praaph

I love James Van Praaph’s books. I have had the opportunity to be in workshops with him and have see him live a number of times. I so appreciate his work and recommend all of his books and would recommend Healing Grief: Reclaiming life after any loss. “Grieving is a natural process. It is through our […]

When the Body Says No – Gabor Maté, MD

I highly recommend When the Body Says No: Exploring the stress disease connection by Gabor Maté, MD that examines stress and its relationships to disease. Many of my clients that have experienced childhood trauma have autoimmune diseases and other health issues as a result of chronic stress, fear and having to live in survival in […]