Intuitive Work

Ashley incorporates her intuitive work in sessions when appropriate.  This may include meditation instruction in learning how to ground and find your energetic space.  Often we hold onto old energy from the past that is influencing our current relationships and patterns in our life.  Blocks and old energy blueprints can be brought to conscious awareness and cleared from your space.  During a psychotherapy session, those blocks, old patterns and influences are explored and brought into conscious awareness.  A ten minute energetic clearing may be experienced during a session to facilitate the integration and clearing of information recognized and addressed during the psychotherapy session. 

A client may also want to learn how to clear their energetic space themselves and instruction is available and welcomed in the session.  Ashley is devoted to teaching people how to heal their spiritual life and deepen their spiritual abilities to ultimately fulfill their soul purpose.  Again, energy work may not be used nor is required to be incorporated into the therapeutic process and is determined between Ashley and the client.  Please read the intuitive sessions section for more information on energetic readings, healings and clearings.