Psychotherapy Sessions

Through acknowledgement of the mind, body and spirit, I support my clients in exploring and expanding their awareness with kindness, gentleness and compassion during psychotherapy sessions. I believe the therapeutic process is a way to facilitate an individual coming home to themselves on their distinct path. I hold space for my clients healing process, and do my best to meet them on their journey to bring awareness to their unconscious patterns and habits.

Currently, Dr. Davis has a private practice working with adults, adolescents and families in Burlington, VT.  She is a certified Gestalt Psychotherapist and trained in EMDR and trauma resolution. Dr. Davis uses her training in psychotherapy and spirituality to bring a unique style to her sessions. She encourages her clients to take risks and try new things all in order to allow transformations and to bring the unconscious to consciousness.

Clients must know the therapeutic process has both benefits and risks.  Benefits for people who undertake counseling often include a reduction of feelings of distress, more satisfying relationships, and resolution of specific problems. Growth nearly always brings change, and sometimes changes, even when positive, can cause stress.

Counseling has both benefits and risks and it may be difficult to know what to expect if you have never been in therapy before. Benefits for people who undertake counseling often include a reduction of feelings of distress, more satisfying relationships, and resolution of specific problems. Growth nearly always brings change, and sometimes change (even positive change) causes stress. Because of the complexity of human behavior, there are no guarantees that you will feel better or that your problems will be resolved. No one can guarantee the outcome of therapy, and often how well therapy works depends on the fit between client, therapist and the therapeutic method.

In Dr. Davis’s own personal and spiritual work, she is very aware of the time commitment, the emotional and physical demands, and sometimes unpleasantness of the healing process.

I acknowledge the courage and commitment of my clients to their healing process and I support them on their journey. We are all powerful creators and the therapeutic process can help you bring more choice, power and consciousness to what you are creating on a daily basis.

Drawing from trainings and extensive work in the field over the past 25 years, Dr. Davis uses a variety of techniques in her therapeutic approach.  Please click on the links below for a description of the following methods she incorporates into her sessions.

Fees for Sessions

Dr. Davis charges $150.00 for psychotherapy sessions when paying out-of-pocket. Please contact your insurance carrier to determine fees as each charges differently, and is specific to your individual plan. She offers a limited number of sliding scale fee options based on need and availability. Psychotherapy sessions usually run an hour in length. 

Scheduling and Cancellations

Since Dr. Davis have reserved our appointment time for you, it is her policy to charge for cancellations received with less than 24 hours’ notice ($150.00 per missed session). You must give her advanced notification by voicemail as she is not always able to check email before your scheduled appointment, and therefore unable to schedule other people waiting for appointments. 

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If you are interested in setting up a session with Dr. Davis, please call today at 303-919-4149. You may also send an email using the form below. Dr. Davis will try to respond to your email as soon as she is able during weekdays. If you have not heard from her, please check your spam folder to make sure you did not miss her reply.

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