What to Expect

Psychotherapy Sessions

Dr. Davis offers a complementary initial 20-minute phone consultation upon request for determining if a client wants to set up a psychotherapy session only. The consultation is an opportunity for a potential client to get questions answered concerning her therapeutic approach and psychotherapy sessions. Dr. Davis will not offer advice or suggestions concerning a therapeutic issue you may be experiencing. She will provide information as to how she will work with a given problem or difficulty if a therapeutic agreement is reached.

Dr. Davis conducts short or long-term psychotherapy in weekly or biweekly sessions. The frequency of sessions can be increased or decreased to reflect the therapy needs of the client. The relationship between the therapist and client is the most important in the therapeutic agreement. The consultation session will make clear for both the therapist and potential client if the fit is appropriate for the desired healing process.

The fit between client, therapist and the therapeutic method can have a huge influence on the process. Dr. Davis likes to use the first few sessions to get to know a client, and really assess if she is the best therapist for the client given their needs and therapeutic goals. Potential dangers of counseling involve recalling unpleasant aspects of personal history that may bring up distressing thoughts and feelings. The fit between the client and therapist must support this process that can be very challenging at times. Within the first few sessions, both Dr. Davis and the client will determine together if they want to continue with sessions. Dr. Davis encourages her clients to be active participants in their work with her, and appreciates feedback to help best support her clients.

Most of Dr. Davis’s work is conducted through Telehealth at this time.  She has not returned to her office, and plans to when she is able. Many of her clients are first responders and work in hospitals and various medical facilities that make meeting in person a risk. Until then, she uses doxy.me, a HIPPA compliant telemedicine software for her psychotherapy sessions.

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Spiritual Counseling – Intuitive Reading and Healing Sessions  

Intuitive sessions are usually sixty minutes in length. When you come for a session, please bring two primary questions to the session. More questions will be answered with time permitting. During an intuitive reading, you may also request an energetic healing. For an energy healing, there is often minimal verbal communication as Dr. Davis focuses more on the healing process rather than on the reading process.

It is important to recognize that Dr. Davis is not a medical doctor, does not diagnose or prescribe medications, and makes no guarantee of what might occur before, during, or following an intuitive session and/or healing. Every intuitive session is different and each person’s experience may vary. Please see the link below to review the page on intuitive sessions for further information.

If you don’t live in Burlington or are unable to get to my office, you can get a remote reading and/or healing over the phone. There is no time or space on a spiritual level, so a reading or healing can be done on anyone, from anywhere. Currently, Dr. Davis is conducting all sessions by phone until it is safe to return to the office.

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General Consultation Services

Dr. Davis offers consultation services with individuals and groups. Please visit the link below for more information.

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If you are interested in setting up a session with Dr. Davis, please call today at 303-919-4149. You may also send an email using the form below. Dr. Davis will try to respond to your email as soon as she is able during weekdays. If you have not heard from her, please check your spam folder to make sure you did not miss her reply.

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