Gender-Affirmative Therapy

I came across and article titled Gender-Affirmative Therapy for Kids: What Parents Need to Know by Margaret Nichols, PhD in the section – In Consultation of Psychotherapy Networker. For the last 30 years, Dr. Nichols has worked with transgender clients. This is the write up for Dr. Nichols:

“Margaret Nichols, PhD, is a psychologist, AASECT-certified sex therapy supervisor, WPATH-certified GEI provider, and founder of the Institute for Personal Growth, a psychotherapy organization specializing in work with the sex, relationship, and gender-diverse community. She’s the author of The Modern Clinician’s Guide to Working with LGBTQ+ Clients and the codirector of the Modern Sex Therapy Institute’s certification program in transgender-affirmative mental healthcare.”

You may or not find this article helpful, but might be helpful in your search for information and support raising kids. Please click the link below to view the article.

Gender-Affirmative Therapy for Kids: What Parents Need to Know