Does Parenthood Squash Romance?

Esther Perel is a therapist that specializes in couples work, specifically infidelity. I came across this article in the Psychotherapy Networker I wanted to share about parenthood and romance. She is amazing and I have posted about her books and TED Talks previously. She wrote and article called When Three Threatens Two: Must Parenthood Bring Down the Curtain on Romance? She writes:

“Family life flourishes in an atmosphere of comfort and consistency. Yet unpredictability, spontaneity, and risk are precisely where eroticism resides. Eros is a force that doesn’t like to be constrained. When it settles into repetition, habit, or rules, it touches its death.”

Please click the link below to read her article:

When Three Threatens Two: Must Parenthood Bring Down the Curtain on Romance?