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Teenagers and Impulsivity

A colleague recently sent me this article.  Maybe you are struggling with your child’s behavior and here is some research that might give you some understanding of what is happening. Source:  Why Are Teenagers So Impulsive – Science

Sexual Abuse- A Guide for Parents

I recently came across this and wanted to share it with you. Although this was specifically written for parents and caregivers in Arkansas, there is some great information for parents who have a child that has been sexually abused. They cover many questions that parents often ask me in my office. Please go to the […]

LGBT Healthcare Advocacy Facebook Page

I wanted to inform you about the LGBT Healthcare Advocacy Facebook Page!  This page provides an extensive amount of information including community events, personal stories, LGBT issues in the news, seminars for health care providers, and information to help people connect.  Please pass this along to your kids, friends, and colleagues. Link: Facebook Page

How to Talk to Your Kids After a Disaster?

Here is a great link that gives advice to parents on how to talk with kids post disaster.  This has been an incredible couple of weeks here in Boulder.  Even if you were not directly affected by all the flooding, you were affected.  Many of my clients talk about still being in shock and describe […]

How Yoga Can Help With Trauma?

Therapeutic trauma work incorporates many different aspects. Research has found that trauma gets stored in the body and often talk therapy does not address the body aspect of the healing process. This is a great blog post called, Being in Your Body: The Benefits of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for Survivors of Sexual Assault. To read the full blog […]

How to Love a Son Who Identifies as Gay

Wanted to share an article with you titled, Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son.  A mother shares her story.  Here are a couple of excerpts from the article: “Over the next 10 months, we learned to truly love our son. Period. No buts. No conditions. Just because he breathes. We […]

Living With PTSD

Two Veterans shared their experience living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in an article that I thought I would share. I work with individuals with PTSD that have experiences with flashbacks, avoidance, hyper vigilance and nightmares that these men describe in this article. With help, the symptoms of PTSD can be reduced and treated. […]

What You Should Know About Abuse

As a therapist, I worked with victims through Victim’s Compensation in Boulder County.  My clients were often in the middle of going through the judicial process. Jill Gruenberg, a CCASA Blogger, writes her June blog about the facts and figures of sexual assault and domestic violence cases and the likelihood of prosecution. The title of […]

PTSD Defined

PTSD DEFINED: I came across this YouTube video that explains PSTD called PTSD is Like Taming Wild Horses.  Many of my clients suffer from PTSD and often when I explain what PTSD is and why they are experiencing certain symptoms, clients feel a sense of relief.  Many feel alone, isolated and have a difficult time […]

Moving Forward from Childhood Abuse

In this blog post titled Moving Forward, Kemi Chavez speaks about opening up to friends, her therapist and a group about her experience of being sexually abused as a child. “I share my story because it’s therapeutic. I also share it because there is so much shame placed on sexual abuse victims by the media, […]