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Healthy Kids = Eating Dinner Together

I recently took a flight and picked up Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine.  Thought I would share some information that I found interesting.   “Studies have shown that kids who eat dinner with their families do better in school, feel more socially connected to their parents, have better peer relationships, and are less likely to try […]

Personal Responsibility in Relationships

Often times, clients come to therapy and complain about their partners.  Although I specifically am not a marriage counselor, the topic of intimate relationships becomes a large part of individual therapy for people.  I really appreciated the comment in an article I read this month in Psychology Today.   “We alone are responsible of having […]

Mental Health and Omega-3s

Omega-3s are essential to your daily diet.  Compared to 50-100 years ago, we get far less Omega-3s than we should and research is finding that mental health conditions including Depression can be greatly helped with adding more into our diets.  To learn more go to OmegaBrite.