The Making of the Opioid Epidemic

I have had the opportunity to work in inpatient, intensive outpatient, and outpatient settings with some amazing individuals and families struggling with addiction. I often come across articles and research about the opioid epidemic. I thought I would share this article on the history of this national and international crisis. “The head of the FDA at […]

Love Is Not a Permanent State of Enthusiasm: An Interview with Esther Perel

Esther Perel is known for her book “Mating in Captivity” (2006), “The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity” (2017), and her podcast “Where Should We Begin?”  She is a psychotherapist and has worked in the field for years all over the world.  Of all the therapists I have looked to for insight and information on how […]

Heavy Screen Time Appears to Impact Children’s Brains

There is so much research out there about the impact of screen time on children’s brains.  If you are a doctor, therapist and/or in the health profession, you may find people asking you about the research on brain development.  It is important to know the research to be able to make an informed decision about […]

Sleep and Teens

This is an interesting article about how teens need to start later in the day to perform best.  You may think your kid is just lazy when in fact, they need more sleep and need to begin the day later than expected.  I remember sleeping until 11 or 12am on the weekends, trying to catch […]

A Single Season of High School Football Causes Changes in the Teenage Brain

It is important to be well informed about brain development in children.  Here is an article about the impact of hits to the head during high school football can cause changes in the teenage brain. “It is becoming pretty clear that repetitive impacts to the head, even over a short period of time, can cause […]

How Dealing with Past Trauma May Be the Key to Breaking Addiction

Gabor Maté speaks with Joanna Moorhead for The Guardian. “With rising inequality and all the other problems there are right now,” he says, “people are having to question how they live their lives. People in Britain are beginning to realise they paid a huge price internally for all those suppressed emotions.” Part of that price was […]

Relationships – How to Stop Having the Same Fights

“Esther Perel is a sex and relationships therapist, the best-selling author of Mating in Captivity, and a consultant for the hit Showtime series The Affair. Her TED Talks on desire and infidelity have been viewed more than 14 million times.” Link to Full Article in Cosmopolitan *TED Talks with Esther Perel Rethinking Infidelity The Secret […]