National Suicide Prevention Week- Boulder Counseling News Post

BOULDER COUNSELING NEWS POST! It is National Suicide Prevention Week. It is known that “every year, over 800,000 almost people die from suicide; this roughly corresponds to one death every 40 seconds. The number of lives lost each year through suicide exceeds the number of deaths due to homicide and war combined” (Source: I […]

Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent- Boulder Psychotherapy News Post

BOULDER PSYHOTHERAPY NEWS POST! Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent Many parents ask me how much technology time they should allow their children. There is extensive research concerning brain development and exposure to technology that I encourage my parents to research. I grew up in an era where cell phones did not exist. I typed […]

Powerful Addictions TEDx Talk

I work with addictions in my private practice on what seems to be a daily basis. A friend of mine shared a TEDx talk with Dr. Gabor Maté that really validates the experiences of my clients as well as my own tendencies to check out or self-sooth through external stimuli. This is a remarkable talk […]

How to Set Limits for Kids Without Harshness, Fear or Shame- Boulder Therapy News Post

BOULDER THERAPY NEWS POST How to Set Limits for Kids Without Harshness, Fear or Shame This is a great piece by Sarah MacLaughlin, LSW that I thought would be good to share with you.  I especially liked the way the author described what happens in the brain.  Click below to see the article. Source: Article

Cyber Safety Question for 2014: Does Technology Bring Your Family Joy? Boulder Intuitive Counseling News Post

BOULDER INTUITIVE COUNSELING NEWS POST: Cyber Safety Question for 2014: Does Technology Bring Your Family Joy? Many of my parents often ask me to give guidance and suggestions for setting boundaries around technology usage.  Every family is different, have different rules and understanding of what parenting should look like.  At one time in my career, […]

Rape is Grossly Underreported in the U.S.- Boulder Psychotherapist News Post

RAPE IS GROSSLY UNDERREPORTED IN THE U.S.- Boulder Psychotherapist News Post This article recently came out in the last couple of months.  There are links to some very interesting data and surveys that were taken in the last year supporting the notion that rape is underreported.  Click the links below for more information. Article Source: […]

Rape Culture on College Campuses- Boulder Counseling News Post

RAPE CULTURE ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES: BOULDER COUNSELING NEWS POST Here are two blog posts that I thought were important to share with you written by Quinn Becker from the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault.  One fact that the blogger writes: “every two minutes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted.”  Please click the links […]