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The Heart of Desire- Boulder Counseling Book Review

BOULDER COUNSELING BOOK REVIEW! The Heart of Desire: Keys to the pleasures of love, by Stella Resnick, PhD I recently read this book as a recommendation from a colleague of mine who is a Gestalt Psychotherapist.  It just came out in 2012 and I highly recommend this book.  I recommend it to clients and fellow […]

Vulnerability and Shame- Boulder Psychotherapy News Post

BOULDER PSYCHOTHERAPY NEWS POST! I wanted to share with you two great TED talks with Brené Brown.  She talks about vulnerability and shame based on her research and I highly recommend you view her talks.  She gives a great perspective and I found this very relatable.  Here are a couple of quotes during her Listening […]

The Medical Community Recognizes the Value of Neurofeedback- Boulder Neurofeedback News Post

BOULDER NEUROFEEDBACK NEWS POST! The medical community finally recognizes the value of Neurofeedback.  The American Academy of Pediatrics announced that biofeedback is the best support for intervention for Attention & Hyperactivity Behaviors.  This is great news if you are determining if Neurofeedback might be an option for your treatment plan.  Researchers have known for years […]