Addiction Resources- Boulder & Denver Therapist News Post

ADDICTION RESOURCES- BOULDER & DENVER THERAPIST NEWS POST! Here is a great resource that I wanted to share with you.  Even if you are specifically not looking for a treatment center, this website provides information, research and statistics on addiction.  Here are some links below that might be of interest to you. Drug Abuse Symptoms, […]

Do I Need to Forgive to Heal from Sexual Abuse- Boulder Therapy News Post

BOULDER THERAPY NEWS POST! I wanted to share with you a blog post written by Amy Marschak, a guest blogger for The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) titled, “Do I Need to Forgive to Heal From Sexual Abuse.”  I enjoyed reading this blog post as it addresses forgiveness.  As the author describes in her […]

How Does Marijuana Affect the Brain? Boulder Therapist News Post

  BOULDER THERAPIST NEWS POST! In light of the changing laws in Colorado, I thought it was appropriate to write a blog about marijuana.  So how does marijuana affect the brain? I found this article in the New York Times and thought it might be helpful to those looking for more information and research on […]