The Wisdom of Trauma – Gabor Maté

I just watched The Wisdom of Trauma featuring Dr. Gabor Maté. This is a great movie for anyone who may have experienced trauma, has a partner or spouse that has experienced trauma, or a friend that is supporting someone in their healing journey. The movie features clips from Step Inside the Circle, a movie with Fritzi Horstman and the Compassion Prison Project. Gabor Maté discusses attachment, stress, dysregulation, and how we try to sooth ourselves and our pain through addictions. He also talks about the connection to ourselves that gets impacted by childhood trauma. Trauma often causes suppression of our own authenticity with oneself to remain connected to our parents. However this disconnects us from our own emotions. The movie also includes sections of an interview with Russell Brandon with Under the Skin focusing on trauma. He also talks about the use of ayahuasca for helping people process trauma and facilitating the healing process.

A few things that Gabor Maté states during the movie concerning how people feel incomplete, and “cover up the emptiness” and how “meeting people where they are not and not try to change him.”  “Addiction is not a disease…no it is a solution to a problem” and discusses how it is a normal response. 

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The Wisdom of Trauma