System Speak – Podcast

I wanted to share a podcast that a colleague of mine recently told me about related to Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Throughout the years, my practice has always focused on working with individuals, couples and families that have experienced trauma.  This includes clients diagnosed with DID.  I am currently listening to System Speak, a podcast by Emma Sunshaw that was diagnosed with DID.  Her website is  The below information comes directly from her website on the about page: 

“Emma Sunshaw and her system were diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) by a licensed therapist and psychiatrist following inpatient treatment for a significant fugue experience and related trauma issues. Prior to this experience, Emma had functioned well for nearly twenty years as a doctorate level clinician until both her parents passed away. The layers of this experience triggered a collapse of protective walls that had thus far sustained them internally, leading them to seek treatment…..This podcast is not about broadcasting private details, disclosing abuse history, or working out therapeutic issues publicly. It is about documenting one journey, educating many, and finding our own voice. It is about somehow finding a way to bridge the gap between survivor and clinician. It is about advocacy, fighting stigma, and adding substance and quality and rawness to the online conversation regarding trauma in general, and Dissociative Identity Disorder specifically.” – Source:

For more information, please visit her website by clicking the link below.