How Brains Sync Together

In a recent article about how brains sync together, researchers studies how a mother and a child’s brain work together.  The article is called is called: 

When Mom Is Happy, Her Brain Syncs With Baby’s – University of Cambridge

I work with my clients on regulation of the system as this is the basis for much of my work.  Managing emotions is originally learned between the interaction between a baby and the primary caregivers around them.  This is supported through this research and how the emotions of a mother can directly influence a child.

“Our emotions literally change the way that our brains share information with others – positive emotions help us to communicate in a much more efficient way,” said Dr Leong. “Depression can have a powerfully negative effect on a parent’s ability to establish connections with their baby. All the social cues that normally foster connection are less readily available to the child, so the child doesn’t receive the optimal emotional input it needs to thrive.”

Emotional communication between parents and their children is crucial during early life, yet little is known about its neural underpinnings. This is the first brain imaging study of two related individuals to investigate if and how babies’ interpersonal neural connectivity with their mothers is affected by the emotional quality of their social interaction.

As a social species, humans share emotional states with others. This work shows how emotions change the connection between two individuals at a neural level. The researchers say that their findings apply to many other types of affiliative bond, including between couples, close friends, and siblings, where each person is highly attuned to the other. The strength of the effect is likely to depend on how well the two people know each other and the level of trust between them.” – Source When Mom Is Happy, Her Brian Syncs With Baby’s

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When Mom Is Happy, Her Brain Syncs With Baby’s