Emotional Neglect

I came across a great article in Psychology Today on Emotional Neglect. The article is called “8 Signs of Emotional Neglect in a Family” by Jonice Webb, PhD. The impact of neglect in families is often underestimate and may not be viewed as traumatizing to a child. Please click the link below to see the full article.

8 Signs of Emotional Neglect to Watch For in Your Family

  1. Your family conversations tend to be on surface topics, meaning they are seldom about emotional, meaningful, painful, or negative things. This may even make it boring.
  2. You sometimes feel an unexplained resentment or anger toward your parents (which you may feel guilty about).
  3. You go to family events with hopes of enjoying yourself, but you often come away feeling empty or disappointed.
  4. Difficult or interpersonal problems in the family are generally ignored instead of addressed directly.
  5. It feels like your siblings are competing with each other, but you’re not sure for what.
  6. Affection in your family is expressed via action (doing things for people) and not so much by words or emotional expression.
  7. Emotion–perhaps only negative emotions, but maybe all–seems taboo in your family.
  8. You feel surprisingly lonely or left out when you’re with your family.”

Source: 8 Signs of Emotional Neglect in a Family by Sonic Webb, PhD – Psychology Today