Childhood Disrupted – Donna Jackson Nakazawa

This is a great book and I highly recommend reading it. Donna Jackson Nakazawa wrote Childhood Disrupted : How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology, and How You Can Heal and was published in 2015. I wish I had known about this book before as I would suggest any of my clients to read it. The book outlines how trauma affects you’re biology and how trauma can lead to health problems. She discusses the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE) that I have written about on a previous blog – CDC’s Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study. 

The second part of her book discusses healing from trauma and outlines various healing modalities, different types of therapies, and parenting strategies to help your child.  Again, I would highly recommend this book and her other book The Angel and the Assassin: The tiny brain cell that changed the course of medicine. I have included some links to her work.

Childhood Disrupted – Website

Interview – The Trauma Therapist Project 

A Short Video on Why I Wrote Childhood Disrupted