Anthony William – Medical Medium

I wanted to give you some information about Anthony William, a medical medium that has written numerous books on diet and health. His books provide ways to help heal numerous medical conditions through diet. Although his work cannot be substantiated by science, I often provide information to clients that have not been able to receive help from doctors from a western medicine model. I suggest you do your own research, and always run any medical decisions by your primary doctor. William writes:

“It’s critical to know that our bodies don’t attack themselves. Here is the truth: the inflammation in the joints is there to protect you from attack by a particularly common virus. Your body is working hard to stop pathogens from digging deeper into the joints and the tissue around them. When the inflammation becomes long-term and chronic, that’s when it becomes the problem known as RA—but it is still your body working to ward off viral damage. Doctors also believe that there’s no way to heal from rheumatoid arthritis. They’re mistaken about that, too.”  Anthony William, Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

Check out his work on his website below. I have also included links to an article, a podcast, and a list of his books. 



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