Archives for May 2022

Prevalence of LGBTQ Youth Considering Suicide

The Trevor Project recently published the results of a survey that examined the prevalence of LGBTQ youth that consider suicide. NPR published the results of the survey and I wanted to share them with you. What they found:  45% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year. Nearly 1 in 5 transgender […]

Why Victims of Child Abuse Don’t Tell

I came across this great resource on Dr. Lacter’s website. The title of the resource is Fear of the Consequences of Disclosure, Actual, Anticipated, or Threatened by Abuser(s) that Cause Disclosure to Be Consciously Withheld and/or that Cause Abuse Memories to Be Dissociated. She gathered these resources to help victims from blaming themselves for not […]

The Importance of Pleasure

So many of my clients are victims of mental, verbal, physical and/or sexual abuse. Often part of the healing process is reconnecting with the body and defining pleasure. In my office I often hear “What is pleasure,” “I can’t feel my body,” and “I feel so numb.” When there is an assault to the body […]