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Tell Me Who I Am – Documentary

This is a profoundly moving Netflix documentary about two brothers based on the book Tell Me Who I Am written by Alex and Marcus Lewis, and Joanna Hodgkin.  I am including the official trailer, a review by the Guardian, and a write up from the London Film Festival.  Before watching the documentary, please be advised that it […]

CDC’s Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study

I wanted to include the CDC’s Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) website.  Although I have written previous blogs on this information, I think returning to this study over and over again can be helpful in really understanding the long-term consequences of adverse experiences in childhood.  I have also included an article from NPR that connects information on how to take […]

Rape as Your First Sexual Encounter

Often people ask me about statistics about rape and assault.  Many of my clients when they first come and see me, do not even recognize that experiences they have had in the past are considered an unwanted or nonconsensual encounter.  This is a study that came out in September that I wanted to share that was written […]

Dr Gabor Maté – “The Real Cause Of Anxiety And Our ‘Insane’ Culture”

Martin Caparrotta interviews Dr. Gabor Maté in this great piece specifically addressing the definition of trauma and how our environment creates anxiety and stress.  Maté discusses how this leads to illness, addiction and many other coping mechanisms to manage trauma.  He is in the process of writing two new books and I thought I would share this interview. Please click […]