The Polyvagal Theory – Stephen Porges

Many of my clients come into my office blaming themselves for their behaviors and actions after being attacked, assaulted or victimized in some way physically or emotionally. Reading the book Phe Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges gives an explanation to what is biologically happening and why the body responses the way in does. Understanding the reasons helps reduce the self blame and shame because in in these situations, the body takes over. He writes: 

The polyvagal theory provides a perspective to demystify features of clinical disorders. The theory provides principles to organize previously assumed disparate symptoms observed in several psychiatric disorders (i.e., a compromise in the function of the social engagement system). Moreover, by explaining features of disorders from an adapted perspective, interventions can be designed to trigger the neural circuits that will promote spontaneous social engagement behaviors and damp in the expression of defensive strategies that disrupt social interactions.

Check out his books and the many resources online and on his website. I have includes some links below.

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