Sleep and Teens

This is an interesting article about how teens need to start later in the day to perform best.  You may think your kid is just lazy when in fact, they need more sleep and need to begin the day later than expected.  I remember sleeping until 11 or 12am on the weekends, trying to catch up on sleep as a teenager.  It also talks about the sleeping needs of adults as well in this article.

Professor Colin Espie, who is leading the sleep study, told The Telegraph:

“Your parents think it’s because you’re lazy and opinionated and everything would be ok if you could get to sleep earlier. But science is telling us that teenagers need to sleep more in the mornings. Society’s provision for learning is school, but the brain’s is sleep. So we’re exploring the possibility that if you delay the schools start time until 10 am, it will improve learning performance.”

To read the full article, please lick the link below.

Oxford Scientist Confirms Starting Work, School Before 10am is Torture


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