Intuitive Counseling

What is an Intuitive Session?

During an intuitive counseling session, I observe your energy field including the aura, chakras, and emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energetic bodies.  I then use the information that I see to communicate what may be going on in your energetic field in relationship to challenges, issues, habits or concerns that you may be having.”

An intuitive reading is a way to communicate who you are as a spiritual being, what you came to do this lifetime and give insight into a current or on-going issue.  We are all powerful creators and readings can help you bring more choice, power, control, and consciousness to what you are creating.

Readings may examine issues related to career, finances, spiritual path, past lives influencing present time, relationships with family, friends and partners, physical illness, issues around sexuality, or current challenges and issues related to grief, loss and transitions. For example, you may ask for a session that explores your relationship space and what may or may not be keeping you from having the relationship of your dreams.  If you are having a hard time accomplishing tasks or feel paralyzed around a project, ask what may be interfering with your process.  You may also want to discover what you are learning from your family agreements and why you chose your parents.  Any issue may be addressed through an intuitive counseling session.

Intuitive sessions are a chance to receive a new perspective from a neutral observer.  Clarity can be reached through a session and when appropriate, an energetic healing or clearing can be performed.  Often we hold onto old energy from the past that is influencing our current relationships and patterns. Blocks and old energy patterns can be brought to conscious awareness and cleared from your space.  During an energetic healing, Ashley works with powerful healing guides to assist individuals in clearing your aura, charkas and energetic bodies.  Receiving a reading and/or an energetic healing is a great way to feel supported during life challenges and major transitions.

Ashley cannot read the future and can only work with you on your present spiritual path.  Please note that Ashley is not a doctor, does not diagnose or prescribe medications, and makes absolutely no promises as to what will happen to you upon receiving a reading or healing.  Each person processes energy work differently in this regard.  You may experience a ‘growth period’ (an intense sense of the shifting energy) within a very short time of a healing and/or reading.  Even if you only receive a clairvoyant reading, often the mind, body, and spirit may react to a new insight or awareness pertaining to an issue. Sometimes the effect of these healings can go on for months.  All sessions can be performed long-distance since spirit is not bound by the physical world.

Intuitive Sessions & Energetic Healings

Intuitive Sessions: During an intuitive counseling session, your energy field including the aura, chakras, and emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energetic bodies are observed. The aura is an energy field around the body that contains mental image pictures and bands of colors.  There are seven main layers of the aura which would be examined during the session related to questions you bring.  During an intuitive session, you must request an energetic healing to receive one.

Energetic Healings: You can receive a specific healing for an illness, injury or an ongoing healing project.  There is no diagnosis and the healing would include identifying and moving out energy that may be inhibiting your recovery or healing process.  Often there is minimal verbal communication during an energetic healing.  Ashley focuses more on the healing process than on the reading process.

Supporting Healing Professionals: Ashley is devoted to teaching people how to heal their spiritual life and deepen their spiritual abilities.  Often people in the helping profession including therapists, nurses, doctors, lawyers and massage therapists take their clients home with them energetically.  Learn how to hold your space during a session with a client and gain simple tools to clear a client’s energy out of your space at the end of a workday.  If you have a group of ten or more individuals wanting meditation instruction, please call for more information.

**Please note that Dr. Davis has decided to integrate her intuitive work with her psychotherapy sessions. She has left the information up on her website so you may understand how she incorporates her intuitive training with her psychotherapeutic work. She will communicate what she observes including the aura, chakras, and emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energetic bodies when appropriate, while processing what you bring to your psychotherapy sessions. If she makes an exception for you after speaking with her directly about your individual circumstances, you will need to fill out a consent for treatment form for your intuitive session.