My Heart Still Beats

I wanted to share this series My Heart Still Beats from Vermont Public Radio.

It is a six-part series from Writers for Recovery and VPR, featuring conversation about addiction and original writing from the recovery community around Vermont.”

Included is an interview with Kate O’Neill in part six and she speaks about her sister who struggled with addiction.  She also wrote an obituary that went public this past fall.  The series interviews various people from the community who have themselves struggled with addiction, parents that have lost a loved one, and individuals that are helping and supporting others trying to get sober.  I would encourage you to listen to the series and read Madelyn Ellen Linsenmeir’s obituary.  Kate O’Neill will also be covering the opioid crisis for Seven Days so look out for her future work.

My Heart Still Beats from Vermont Public Radio

Madelyn Ellen Linsenmeir’s Obituary

Kate O’Neill and Seven Days

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