Is My Child Normal?

Over the years, many parents often ask me about if a particular behavior is typical and/or normal.  I came across this list of developmental characteristics in children and thought I would share.  This list is created by The Center for Parenting Education.

As you read these lists of typical child behavior, remember he will do things in his own unique way and on his own schedule. Every child does exhibit all of these characteristics.

In order to fully understand your child, you need to take into account, his temperament, situational factors, age-related developmental tasks, maturity level, and whether he is in a period of equilibrium or disequilibrium.

Much of the following information is based on the studies by The Gesell Institute of Human Development, with the primary source being Your One Year Old, by Louise Bates Ames, Ph.D. Also included is information from Pick Up Your Socks by Elizabeth Crary.”


Please click the link below to view the article on child development by age.

Child Development by Age


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