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After today’s events, I wanted to share this article with you on how to help your children through terrible events.

Helping Children Exposed to Shocking Events

By Patty Wipfler

Here is an overview of some of her main points in her article on what parents should do:

“1. Shield them from the media.  

2. Offer an accurate perspective on “off-track” behavior. The casting of some people as good and some as bad is a construct that promotes misunderstanding and is used to market injustice in today’s world. We need to let our children know that we all are good, and we all do things that are “off track” when we feel hurt or afraid.  

3. Our older children need to know that some groups are targeted for mistreatment, but if a whole group of people organizes and works for justice, with respect as a guiding principle, they can create justice without promoting violence, even when the situation doesn’t look hopeful. 

4. We need to disavow the attitude that some people are evil and deserve to die. This attitude is one that we as a human race must replace so that we can live peacefully with each other, and mend the injustices that breed hopelessness and violence.  

5. Concentrate on the present moment, the tasks and routines of every day, and on the goodness of being together and enjoying one another. 

6. When explanation is needed, explain the events in general terms, and in terms that your child can understand.”

To read the entire article, please click the links below.

Article: Helping Children Exposed to Shocking Events


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