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Do You Have a Healthy Diet?

As a consumer, we often receive misleading information especially when it comes to eating right. Eating less and exercising more does not seem to work in fighting obesity although television and government campaigns against obesity say so. Studies are finding that the primary problem with obesity is the amount of sugar that we consume.  Sugar is connected to numerous health problems but that information does not seem to be reaching consumers. In an article on obesity, researchers find that the best diets are:

“severely restricted in fattening carbohydrates and rick in animal products-meat, eggs, cheese-and green leafy vegetables are arguably the best…”

We now know that diet is directly connected to having a healthy mind and body. Often when clients come into my office, I ask them about their diet since diet can directly affect a person’s mood. Sometimes cleaning up ones diet can greatly improve a person’s overall mental health and emotional well-being. Have you checked what you are eating lately? 

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