How to Manage Technology as a Parent

Many of my parents often sk me to give guidance and suggestions for setting boundaries around technology usage.  Every family is different, have different rules and understanding of what parenting should look like. At one time in my career, I worked as a therapist in a high school. I would have students that would come to my office that I would define as “TV kids.” These were kids that have difficulty making eye contact, had a difficult time communicating and even interacting with me. As I worked with them more, I usually would come to the understanding that they spend a good amount of time in front of the TV or some form of technology. These were my observations. I would suggest that all parents do their own research to find out what works best for their family.  I think this article gives some good tips for parents and I like how they based the information on if technology brought the family joy. Please click the link below.

Source: My most frequently asked questions on cyber safety and parenting in a digital world