Child Abuse Prevention-Boulder Therapist News Post

7015676843_06f3246b49_mBOULDER THERAPIST NEWS POST!

Blue Sky Bridge is a great resource in Boulder community.  I wanted to include some of their resources for child abuse prevention from the Blue Sky Bridge Website:

Here are some ways you can help prevent child abuse in your community:

1. Learn proactive parenting strategies and techniques to use with your own children. Click Here for some simple tips.

2. Speak up! If you see or hear something, report it. Call 303.441.1000.

3. Educate yourself. 93% of victims know their offenders. Abuse can occur regardless of age, sex, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity. For more resources click here

4. Educate your children. Teach them body safety rules, internet/phone safety, and help them identify trusted adults they can talk to if something occurs.


Blue Sky Bridge

Body Safety Rules

How to Keep Your Children Safe From Sexual Abuse

Blue Sky Bridge Resource Page

Internet Safety: 5 Simple Tips to Keeping Your Kids Safe

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