Psychotherapy Session

Counseling has both benefits and risks and it may be difficult to know what to expect if you have never been in therapy before.  Benefits for people who undertake counseling often include a reduction of feelings of distress, more satisfying relationships, and resolution of specific problems.  Growth nearly always brings change, and sometimes change (even positive change) causes stress.  Potential risks of counseling involve recalling unpleasant aspects of your personal history that may bring up distressing thoughts and feelings.  Because of the complexity of human behavior, there are no guarantees that you will feel better or that your problem(s) will be resolved.  No one can guarantee the outcome of therapy, and often how well therapy works depends on the fit between client, therapist and therapeutic method.

The relationship between the therapist and client is the most important in the therapeutic agreement. The consultation session will make clear for both the therapist and potential client if the fit is appropriate for the healing process desired. Ashley conducts short or long term psychotherapy in weekly or biweekly sessions. Length or frequency of sessions can be increased or decreased to reflect the therapy needs of the client.  Please call today to set up a psychotherapy session.