Intuitive Session

IMG_1771-300x2256-1Intuitive sessions usually are sixty minutes in length.  When you come for a session, please bring two primary questions to the session. More questions will be answered with time permitting. I cannot read the future and can only work with you on your present spiritual path. Since you are getting the reading, it must relate to you in some way. So do not ask, “Tell me about Jennifer.” Instead ask, “Jennifer is my friend (partner, dog, mother) and we are having trouble communicating. Could you please tell me what is blocking our communication and do some healing on that space?” To find clarity, meditate on the question before you ask it. During an intuitive reading, you must request an energetic healing to receive one. In energetic healing sessions, there is minimal verbal communication. Dr. Davis focuses more on the healing process rather than on the reading process.

Again, Dr. Davis is not a medical doctor, does not diagnose or prescribe medications, and makes absolutely no promises as to what will happen to you upon receiving a reading or healing. Each person processes energy work differently in this regard. You may experience a ‘growth period’ (an intense sense of the shifting energy) within a very short time of a reading and/or healing. Even if you only receive an intuitive reading, often the mind, body, and spirit may react to a new insight or awareness pertaining to an issue. Sometimes the effect of these sessions can go on for months.

If You Don’t Live in Burlington

If you don’t live in Burlington or are unable to get to my office, you can get a remote reading and/or healing over the phone. There is no time or space on a spiritual level, so a reading or healing can be done on anyone, anywhere. Please call today to set up an intuitive session.