Dyslexia and Neurofeedback- Boulder Neurofeedback News Post

Dyslexia and Boulder Neurofeedback Neurofeedback is found to dramatically help those with dyslexia.  In this study, researchers found that after 30-35 neurofeedback sessions, all twelve participants improved by at least two grade levels.  Researchers are finding more and more through clinical studies, that neurofeedback is surpassing many of the programs that are out there for […]

Helping You and Your Children Make it Through Divorce- Boulder EMDR News Post

Boulder EMDR Post! I often work with adults and adolescents around divorce. One of my clients recently found out that his parents decided to get a divorce. When in my office, we talked about what was coming up for him. He then proceeded to tell me that out of all of her close friends, he […]

Can Using a Computer Before Bed Affect Your Sleep?- Boulder Psychotherapy Post

Boulder Psychotherapist News Post! Can Using a Computer Before Bed Affect Your Sleep? The answer is yes.  Researches recently found that the exposure of light from electronic devices at night can affect your sleep cycle.  To read the full article, click the link below.  As a psychotherapist, I often ask my clients if they have any […]