Do Pesticides Affect Your Mental Health and Development?- Boulder Therapist News Post

Bouldert Therapist News Post! Do pesticides affect your mental health and development? The answer is yes.  Research continues to investigate how pesticides (organophosphates) affect humans.  A recent article in Psychology Today reviews some of the research around physical and mental health, and cognitive concerns that arise from the exposure to pesticides.  Although the FDA continues […]

Five Principles for Loving, Living and Playing Well- Boulder Psychotherapy News Post

Psychology Today just put out a new article where researchers examined the keys to living a satisfying life.  Here is what they found: Lesson #1 The Role of Radical Acceptance: You can’t find the ones you love, so focus on fixing yourself. This is so important in relationships.  If you go into a partnership with […]

The Dirty Dozen- Boulder Counseling News Post

Boulder Counseling News Post! Researchers now know that pesticides greatly affect human’s mental and physical heath as well as cognitive development.  To find out more information on how pesticides affect humans, go to the blog post: Do Pesticides Affect Your Mental Health? The Dirty Dozen: Here are a list of fruits and vegetables that carry […]