PTSD Defined- Boulder EMDR and PTSD News Post

2981762849_5bbd0bd4ff_mBOULDER EMDR AND PTSD NEWS POST!

PTSD DEFINED: I came across this YouTube video that explains PSTD called PTSD is Like Taming Wild Horses.  Many of my clients suffer from PTSD and often when I explain what PTSD is and why they are experiencing certain symptoms, clients feel a sense of relief.  Many feel alone, isolated and have a difficult time believing that they can heal from their symptoms.  One client explained that they thought they were going crazy and that they never could imagine feeling better. 

EMDR is a type of therapy I use with individuals suffering from PTSD.  I have seen incredible transformations in my office and a drastic reduction of symptoms.  For a more detailed description of PTSD, please click the link below.

Source:  YouTube Video- PTSD is Like Taming Wild Horses

Resources: Definition of PTSD


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